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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  January 27, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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messy roads, city crews worked through the night after snow and rain create historic gridlock. we'll have the latest. hello, here's what people are talking about today. it's what everyone will talk about for years to come. the winter storm caused winter gridlock on many roads, especially the interstates. also check out what thousands woke up to this morning. it was a big, thick blanket of snow covering cars. for many, cars were a long way from drive waist. we'll have coverage of the storm and the impact on the area. alex demetrick has the latest on the power outage numbers. we'll tart with kelly mcpherson. she has more on the cars left on roads. hours ago, they were
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impassable. good afternoon, kelly. >> reporter: if you're on the roads any time during the storm or the hours after it, you know what we're talk about. the roads were a mess. some were stuck waiting on the car and not moving at all for more than six hours. today, they had to go back and find the cars they left behind. >> reporter: the road conditions were worse during the storm than last year's blizzard. >> all of the cars were left in the middle of 83. you couldn't go straight, it was horrible. >> i was afraid of what might happen to the car. what could you do. >> reporter: drivers who abandoned their cars dug out thursday, or relocated. >> i got stuck by 83. that was three house. i finally decided to park the
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car and start walking. >> this morning, i went hysterical. they towed everyone here. >> how did you get home? >> the doctor was kind enough to help me and took me far and i walked the rest of the way. >> that was at the university of maryland. i didn't get his name. he was an angel. >> reporter: frustration filled the air. >> what the city doing? we all -- everyone ran out of gas and money. what's the deal! >> we had light rail down and buses stuck. we had power outages. >> reporter: secondary roads will be salted and plowed next. >> i can't get that answer now. we'll be working diligently. we're asking people to be patient. >> dozens of cars had to be towed in the city, in the counties and if you were on the
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jfx or northern parkway, your car was relocated to polly. if you were parked somewhere you weren't supposed to be, you were towed and call a local impound lot to get the car. don? our winter storm coverage continues with alex who has the latest on the widespread power outages. alex? >> reporter: it added insult to injury. trees became roadblocks and people lost powers in their homes. bge positioned crews in advance to the tomorrows. getting to the outages was hard from the start. >> reporter: downed trees are the greatest obstacle. this fell in baltimore and up rooted the sidewalk and broke a power line. >> i saw the tree leaning and i went back to my room. i looked again, it was on the
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ground. >> reporter: branches knocked out power and they had to be cleared be ever the crews had to start restoring the electricity. >> we had to cut the tree clear of our equipment. then, the state highway cut it off of the road. >> it's work that will take time. for those without power -- >> i have a transistor radio. i can see what's going on. yeah, it's cold. >> and it's going to remain coal for a lot of people for quite some time. bge restored power to 25,000 customers and that leaves 83,000 in the dark, don. >> we'll continue the coverage with a closer look at the storm itself and how much snow fell in the area. marty bass is in the out back and tim williams is in the weather center. i don't know how to have a
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wilder day. we had rain, thunder and lightning. that creates thunder snow. that's a winter thunder storm. also, we had extreme down poors. this was the wildest kind of a forecast to ever try to live through, or to forecast. let's talk about the forecast now as it shows on the radar. let's back it up to 9:00. it took a while for the storms to get out of the area. by about 11:00, we started to really wind down and then, the skies cleared out and we saw the stars. the moon was also out. temperatures are dictating what's going on. 21 in oakland, that's the cold spot and as we see, everyone's about above freezing. we're starting to see the meltdown. the meltdown will take a while, the numbers were high. for more on what we have around
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the area, here's marty bass. >> reporter: i can tell you this, off to the east, i see the last bit of clouds and storm. we're seeing clear skies and it's bright out here now. there's a lot of snow to talk about. let's look at the numbers. there's a point of rocks -- with line burro, it came in at 11 inches of snow. and frederick and 9. there, elkridge, 6 1/2. there's that point of rocks. 11 1/2 and elkton, 8 1/2. buoy, and here on tv, 8 inches and 6 1/2 in annapolis and 4 on kent island. the most incredible number and total was reagan national airport in d.c.. how about 1 1/2 inches of snow. we have the lollipop on this event. we were the prize.
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unfortunately, we'll have more snow coming our way. we'll have the details coming up shortly. now back inside. we're also following breaking news at this hour, more problems on the beltway. that's on the upper lupe, there's an 8 vehicle accident and all three lanes are closed because of it. that's in parkville. don't travel that area. all of the snow on the ground is making it harder for crews to fix a water main break. a 12-inch main is broken and left 200 homes without running water. nearby neighbors are asked to conserve water until the break is repaired. states in the north didn't escape the reach of the snowstorm. more than a foot and a half fell on the state. in a matter of hours, michael
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bloomberg declared a weather emergency. it also caused newark's airport and jfk to close. both of the airports have since reopened. and -- and this also stretched to washington, d.c. the president's helicopter was growned and the motorcade was also stuck. he was on his way back to the white house. that trip usually takes 20 minutes and this time, it took more than an hour. since many children are off from school or work, for adults. you may be out taking pictures of the snow. mary bubala has some of the pictures you've sent in. >> hundreds of viewers e-mailed the pictures in. john sent this shot of a side road close to i-95 in edgewood, harford county.
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that didn't look good! this is also great snow for billing snowmen. this is kindle marie and her creation. you can see all of the pictures in the slide show by coming here on and clicking on the link at the home page and click on the link to send us more picture. >> for more information, go to and still to come, protest turn deadly in egypt. what the white house is saying about the unrest. and a desperate escape. see what a utah man tries to do to avoid a jail sentence. wow! and there's more snow left on the ground after we dig out from another round of weather. your forecast is still coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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killed in europe. supporters are calling to an end to the author tear january government. 900 were arrested earlier this week. egypt is called to listen to the voices of the people. >> the government has an important opportunity at this moment in time to implement economic and social reforms to respond to the needs and interests of the egyptian people. >> the officials say that people are using facebook and twitter to organize their protests. a man in utah is nursing scars after making an attempt to escape from the police. he tried to get out of the window. he died out can -- he dives out of the car on to the pavement. he's okay though, but he's still in custody. still to come on eyewitness
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news at noon, the sun is shining a bit now, helping to melt the snow. it will be more of the same by the weekend. we have more coming up on the forecast. first, a look at today's -- well, the powerball numbers from last night. [ male announcer ] rockin out to the big hot pastrami.
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well, taking a look at if snow -- look at the snow covered area. there's a lot of snow around the region. up to 11 1/2 inches depending on where you are. we're at 34 degrees now and 20 for the dew point. we're moderately dry out there. a lot of this is going to be moistening up. the snow will evaporate and the moisture is going into the air. 29.95 is the barometer and high pressure is in control of the forecast. 32 in cumberland and 33 in elkton and ocean city. pax river at 37 degrees. everyone around the area, just above freezing accept for westminster. still, the warm up is a little slow to come in carroll county.
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we're seeing the winds picking up. 1miles per hour winds at bwi and 10 in washington and the winds are going to be the same around this level here for the next day or so. they'll start to calm down also. we'll be watching a chance for a light snow shower tomorrow morning a clipper is moving along the top tier. another on saturday. these are fast moving systems. they come from the north and move across quickly. we could see another coating to an inch. we've-- this is going to move on. on top of the frozen road ways, this is -- we'll see the temperatures leving around the 40-degree mark. even though the clipper moves on through, we'll see the coating. temperatures are staying high enough they'll continue to meltdown.
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38 is the high and anything that melts down could refreeze tonight. mostly cloudy and a bit of snow tomorrow morning. this is around rush hour and 40 degrees. we'll keep on melting it down. >> still to come at noon, can eating the wrong kind of food giving you the blues? what the doctors are saying. here are the stories we're following on the website for the next hour. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is at harford road. this is captain mike perry, we're talking about 8 or 89 cars -- 8 or 9 cars? >> yeah, it looks to be a tractor trailer. this car was run over by the tractor trailer. the woman inside was taken to shock trauma. she's in serious condition. there are about 7 or 8 other cars here. the tractor trailer was trying to avoid other traffic problems and 8 or 9 other cars collided. most injuries weren't serious. just the woman in the car. it closed all lanes of the beltway. the fast lane is still the only
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>> we've covered tomorrow morning's snow showers. i want you to notice this here. even with the low passing yesterday and another one approaching our way, we won't go into the deep freeze. throughout the weekend, temperatures below normal and not frigid. the next opportunity for snow, we'll watch it for you on tuesday. now, back inside. thank you, marty. thank you for watching
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eyewitness news and wjz-13. i'm don scott. >> and for marty bass, i'm tim williams. we'll keep you posted on the late, breaking news and the weather forecast on eyewitness news at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 on good afternoon. that's a live look at sky chopper 13. >> that will add toto,, medicare. it doesn't cover everything. and what it doesn't cover can cost you some money. that's why you should consider an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. all medicare supplement insurance plans can help pay... some of what medicare doesn't, so you could save... thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses. call now for this free information kit and medicare guide. if you're turning 65 or you're already on medicare... you should know about this card --
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